Occupational Medicine / Work Vaccines

Companies and Employers often require current and potential employees to undertake full, thorough medicals which in some cases may involve some blood work. These may be requested to ensure a person has the physical health appropriate to his/ her duties or to evaluate any pre-existing physical or medical conditions that may result in potential prolonged or recurrent absenteeism. Hearing, eyesight, colour vision and mobility are all abilities that may be vital in some roles.

Some positions may require vaccination/ immunisation against Typhoid, Hepatitis A, Tetanus, Diptheria, Polio, Hepatitis B amongst other occupationally hazardous illnesses. Working with laboratory animals may involve blood or skin tests for allergy testing. These assessments may prepare an employee or his colleagues for any potential allergic reaction that might happen in the workplace. Based on these tests we are able to offer advice re avoidance, preventative, protective or reactive treatment measures.

Driving medicals are necessary for some roles which may involve driving a public service vehicle/ a heavy goods vehicle or farm machinery and these are also performed here. The Driving license forms can be downloaded from the “useful forms” page here. Certain actions performed in some roles may contribute to causing some medical issues such as repetetive strain injuries, back injuries, impaired hearing, joint pains and we would aim, in addition to addressing these issues to offer appropriate advice to avoid their recurrence.