Minor Surgical Operation/ Joint Injection/ Cryotherapy

Having minor surgical procedures performed in the GP surgery can be arranged very quickly and avoid long delays on hospital outpatient waiting lists. Minor operations such as surgical removal of sebaceous cysts, worrisome moles/ sunspots/ fungal toenails/ lipomas can all be done under local anaesthetic as a day case by the GP. Unpleasant large skin tags, warts, verucae, genital warts can also be removed or treated with cryotherapy where appropriate.

Painful, sore and stiff joints may be appropriate for aspiration ( remove the excess fluid/ swelling from inside the joint) and injected with a combination of steroid and anaesthetic. This can give substantial relief for months at a time which often allows patients to cut down or take breaks from taking potentially problematic painkillers and anti-inflammatories. This can be particularly beneficial for patients on long waiting lists awaiting joint replacement/ reparative orthopaedic surgery. These procedures themselves are all free of charge to medical card holders and completely covered by most health insurance policies. Sutures/ stitches and staples inserted during  larger hospital based surgical operations are removed here often avoiding the hassle and delays getting  into the surgical outpatient clinics. All of the moles, sunspots, worrying dark spots, lipomas, cysts that we remove are sent to the local pathology lab for testing and the results return directly to us – we would usually have results within 2 -3 weeks back to the surgery.