Family Planning/ Contraception/ Mirena Coil and Implanon Insertion

Planning the right time to start or add to your family can be quite stressful and the endless supply of new and available products can be very confusing. What’s safe and appropriate in one case may not be in another. Avoidance of pregnancy may involve non hormonal natural methods, barrier methods, short or long term hormonal contraception or permanent sterilization.

We aim to help people decide what is right for them, given their own personal circumstances, previous experiences, medical and family history, current medications and future plans. We provide advice and fitting of the longer term hormonal devices , the Implanon and Mirena Coil, which can offer people contraceptive cover and period regulation for up to 3 and 5 years respectively.

Hormonal contraception can offer many benefits outside of avoiding pregnancy. They have been shown to be very effective in the regulation of periods that can be very painful, heavy, irregular or associated with mood disturbance, acne or bloatedness. These symtoms may be caused by conditions such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Endometriosis, Uterine Fibroids, as well as some hormonal imbalances. “Long term contraception” involves the use of “progesterone only” devices (i.e. not containing oestrogen) which have been shown to be completely safe with no added risk of ovarian or uterine cancers, leg/ lung clots or cardiovascular adverse events.

These may may have a place in regulating symptoms both before and during the Menopause depending on the circumstances. Both male and female doctors here have specific extra training in this area to help you choose what is healthy, safe and appropriate for your individual needs.