Family Health and Illness Care

Familu Health at Galway City Medical CentreGalway City Medical Centre aims to provide first class primary care services to all members of the family of every age group. Our expertise involves illness detection and treatment but in addition we hope  to take every opportunity to improve the family’s health, fitness, mobility, function and well being too. General practice involves using every visit to assess the whole person, not just today’s concern. We screen for the hidden concerns and potentially preventable ongoing issues in addition to the immediate troubles. Issues that might involve the prostate, skin, breast, blood pressure, cervix, coronary arteries, cholesterol, diabetes can all be screened, detected and managed. Successful outcomes often involve early detection and management.

Our aim is to monitor these for you and your family at every opportunity. The joy of primary care allows us to see people in the context of their lives, home, work, relationships and stressors . General practice will often involve looking after many members of the one family, their friends and work colleagues. We look after their new babies, their sons, daughters, parents, grandparents –  we feel this honours us with a huge opportunity to treat people and not just illness. Primary Care Medicine involves our expertise and extra training together with appropriate inclusion of the wider world of community based teams of physiotherapists, psychologists, home care nurses, dieticians, OTs, dentists. Where needed we will access, for you, the help of our hospital based colleagues; paediatricians, obstetricians, physicians and surgeons to optimise family health and illness care at each stage of life