Welcome to Galway City Medical Centre

A city centre based practice established in 1960 by Dr Michael O’ Flaherty, this family practice has been looking after generations of families for over 50 years. Dr Michael’s son, Dr Colm O’Flaherty, joined the practice in the course of time and was later joined by Dr John Lally. We are very grateful, also, to have Dr Ruth Smith working with us here at Sea Rd, Galway City.

Our aim at the practice

  • Our aim at the practice is to provide a complete package of health and medical care to every member of the family at every age.
  • Our expertise involves illness detection and treatment but in addition we hope  to take every opportunity to improve the family’s health, fitness, mobility, function and well being too.
  • General practice uses its own wide range of expertise and resources as well as employing any appropriate specialists, hospital colleagues or community based services at our disposal, to keep the family well.
  • Primary Care Medicine promotes the idea that your health is not just about living longer, but about making you feel better, stronger, fitter, happier and healthier along the way!

Our practice is entirely doctor provided

  • This will mean that every patient at every visit will see the GP.
  • The GPs in the practice, each have individual areas of expertise in addition and will personally see every patient whether it’s a minor surgical operation, a cervical smear, the insertion of a long term contraceptive device, a childhood or holiday vaccine, a routine blood test, a weight loss clinic visit or an antenatal check up. Our practice nurse may also be included in many consultations along with the GP if needed.
  • We endeavour with every patient, routine and emergency, to see them on the day they call, with the option of a  male or female doctor of their choice. The practice is based on the ground floor and is accessible to those who find difficulty with steps and stairs and those not yet out of their buggies!
  •  Every test result and report is seen and followed up by the doctors personally and patients registered with the practice have access to a doctor 24 hour a day for any out of hours or weekend emergency.
  • Galway City Medical Centre is a large busy practice but new patients, both private and medical card, are welcomed whether you’re visiting, on holidays,  a student or professional, moving to the town and looking for comprehensive healthcare.
  • Trained in Data Protection and fully compliant with GDPR guidelines, we are very interested in the absolute confidentialty of any of your information and would be delighted to take the opportunity to show you the measures that we go to to protect your personal information.



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